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Implementation of new 'walking zone' signage

Implementation of new 'walking zone' signage

Updated Wayfinding

During my first year of graduate school, I worked part time for the University Planning & Design office in both of the Architecture and Planning offices to help redevelop and envision an updated look to the signage and way-finding methods on Clemson's campus. The designs went through several iterations, and worked with the existing aesthetic in order to phase the installation. Provisions were also made for updated regulatory signs.

 A signage condition study was also performed to understand and assess where the greatest needs for new and updated signs are. The new signs add a fresh presence with a slimmer profile, more durable materials, and updated colors, icons and text. In 2015, the University received funding to  This work represents a sample package of new signs, development guidelines, graphic standards and cut-sheets. 


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New Signage Standards

Design Process Iterations and Cutsheets

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