Sketches | Vignettes

- Portraits of People & Place -

I am always sketching. 

I see architecture as a journey, both for me as a designer, and for the ones I design for. This journey is a myth that begins and ends with sketching, my dialectic problem-solving process, which I use to uncover variance in possibility.

Experiencing great public spaces, architectures, landscapes and cities through my sketchbook, I discovered that, universally among countries and cultures, architecture is an experiential synthesis of earth, place, people and material. I have come to understand it as a manifesto to create meaningful environments that serve both as an extension of human values as well as the context for valued place making.

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Each sketch is invested with a narrative that links to acts of observation and documentation through engaging afresh with our primary senses. 

This is a sample of different sketches and watercolor sketches I completed en-route my travel experience. 

If you'd like to see more, just ask!