Children's Museum

- A Branding Study -

MCM Identity

Muncie’s Children’s Museum partnered with our third year architecture studio to create a space for toddlers. My team was responsible for fashioning an interactive play bench and manipulative block station. Furthering a previously developed schematic design, we explored the idea of digital fabrication to create playful, undulating surfaces for sitting, storage and explorative play.  To see more about this project, please visit:

 Muncie Children’s Tot Spot Design-Build

In conjunction, worked with my Visual Communication’s studio to develop a branding and marketing campaign strategy for the Museum highlighting this effort and promoting the tot spot. The branding identity plays off of the iconic caterpillar while incorporating a simplified graphic of the Muncie Children’s Museum’s existing logo*. Whimsical, versatile and geared to attract our “tot-sized” audience, the branding extended to manipulative play blocks, gift shop items, billboard design and a letterhead campaign all combined into creating a successful identity system for the new toddler spot in Muncie.

 For more information on the Muncie Children’s Museum, please visit:

 Muncie Children’s Museum Webpage

*The use and alteration of the MCM logo was done and is pictured for the purposes of an educational project only, and their logo design remains the sole property of the Muncie Children’s Museum. All rights reserved.