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The Villa

Genova with over 600,000 inhabitants, Italy’s sixth largest city, is situated along a narrow strip of coast stretching for more than thirty (30) kilometers. Her title, “Superba” (The Proud), has been earned by her magnificent historical buildings. Panoramas are full of color and life, particularly in the old quarters near the port. The city displays an abundance of significant art and architecture and, according to Henry James, is “the most winding, incoherent of cities, the most entangled topographical ravel in the world”. 

In the Spring of 2014, I began my graduate studies at the 'Villa'; the complex where student and professors live, work and study originally discovered and purchased by the founder and Dean of Clemson University's College of Architecture along with his friend Cesere Fera. The Villa is the type of place and experience that I left knowing it would be a place I will return again. It was a truly wonderful experience to be one of five graduate students intermixed with undergraduate landscape and architecture students sketching, taking classes and exploring Italy together. Coursework included a field studies course, Italian Rationalism, Environmental Systems and a Comprehensive Studio.



As a studio, we explored ourselves, Italy and the Villa through a semester long articulation of process that recalls some historic modes of representation from the late 19th and 20th centuries as a methodology; using he Beaux Arts Analytique and the work of the Italian Futurists.

Students worked both in groups as well as individually, with graduate students taking on leadership roles within team frameworks. The differing backgrounds of the participants provide opportunities for rich learning experiences, re-ignited my fuse for creative problem solving, life long friends and memories I will always treasure.

To view the Comprehensive Studio Project, the Museum of War and Peace in Genova, please visit:

Genova Memorial: Museum of War & Peace

To view a sample of my travel sketches, please visit:

Travel Sketches

For more information on the Villa Experience, visit the class blog:

Life in Genova: Clemson Student Blog

A big thank you to the Daniel Center faculty and staff for their incredible friendship & support:

Silvia Siboldi Carroll - Administrative Director, Saverio Fera, Visiting Professor Alessandro Rocca, Visiting Professor Luca Rocco, Visiting Professor Giuditta Poletti, Visiting Professor Nicola Delledonna,  Lecturer and Cooks Lucia & Christina & Visiting Professor Nick Ault.