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Hey There! 

I’m Emily. I’m originally from the Midwest. I love good design, old typewriters, smart people and creative community building. And, I’m almost always smiling! :)

Right now I am a Graduate Student enrolled in Clemson’s Master of Architecture + Health program exploring my passion for how design can shape, inspire and produce healthy outcomes among populations and within the built environment. In the upcoming year, I will study how architectural environments impact health, learn how to create settings that support the well-being of individuals and larger populations, and explore my interests in the ideas of ruin, resilience and artifact within the built and product environment. 

Though my formal background is in Fine Art, Architecture and Visual Communications, I’ve been told I’m hard to pin point; maybe because I travel often, travel light  welcome a lot of change and diversity into my life. Before heading south, I spent the first eight months of 2014 living abroad in both Italy and Turkey for school and work. Prior to that, I was in Washington DC for two years; gaining practical experience in the field of architecture & healthcare design. Additionally, I have a passion for history and work as an Architect, Sketch Artist and Surveyor on Archaeological sites around the world.

You'll see my portfolio is a body of  environmental, graphical and contextual work that is as diverse as it is thoughtful to how each solution was crafted. I am happy to provide internship and professional work samples or discuss any of these projects further upon request.

Look around and drop me a line!  Thanks for visiting!

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